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PTSA Upcoming Events

The TRES PTSA is excited to host World Cultures Celebration Night on Thursday, March 21 from 6-8 p.m. in the MPR and Gymnasium. We are looking for families to represent their countries/cultures/traditions and to share their unique family heritage with our school community. 

There are two ways for your family to participate - by hosting a table/booth, or by doing a performance. Families may host individual booths or join up with other families to represent their cultures! Performances may also be solo or in groups. 
Sign up here for the TRES World Cultures Celebration 2024 by 3/10.

My family represents many different countries/cultures - how do we choose? 

Families can opt to represent any country/culture/heritage that they choose - if you have more than one that you are passionate about sharing, please consider hosting more than one booth, but please make sure that there are family members that can be present at your booth(s) during the entire event! 

Hosting a booth sounds fun, but I've never participated in this sort of event before and I'm not sure what to do - how does it all work? 

You will sign up for a booth using our form, and from there you will start preparing for what you would like to display! Participants may pick up a blank white tri-fold poster at the TRES office at the end of February, or you may opt to provide your display materials. All participants will be provided with 1 table (families working in groups may be assigned more than one based on availability and total number of participants) and a table covering. 

You decide what your family would like to present - some families choose to focus on one specific area of a country or culture, while others opt to give a broad overview! Families are free to bring in family heirlooms, flags, maps, photographs, recipes, clothing/costumes, sports equipment, instruments, games, crafts, and small samples of food and beverages, which are always a crowd favorite! If your family chooses to offer food or beverage items, you must provide your own plates/napkins/cups/cutlery, etc. and PTSA must be given an ingredient list for the items you are serving.

Does my family have to choose to represent a different country, or can we represent a culture in the United States?

We welcome families to represent whatever country/culture/heritage they feel most passionate about! We welcome booths representing Indigenous Peoples, different Regional Areas of the United States, etc. 

We are interested in a performance - how does that work? 

Do you have a special talent related to your country/culture that you would like to share? We would love to have you perform! You will sign up for a performance using our form and will indicate whether you would like to do only 1 performance or perform at both of the performance times during the evening. Performances should be 3 minutes or less. You must provide a music file if you are using any recorded music before 3/15/24. 

Examples of performances: dance, playing an instrument, singing, demonstrating a sport, demonstrating an art/craft, etc. Previous events have showcased performances like Irish Step Dancing, Chinese Yo-Yo, Traditional Indian Dance, Martial Arts, Basket-weaving, etc. Performers may do a solo performance or group performances are also welcomed! 

What if I would like to host a booth AND perform? 

All participants are welcome to participate in ANY and ALL ways! You are welcome to do both! 

I'm not sure that I'm feeling up to hosting a booth or performing - what other options are available?

If you aren't sure whether you want to host a booth or perform, we would love for you to join us as a guest for the evening and help us to celebrate the rich tapestry that comprises our TRES community! You can visit booths and collect passport stamps, watch performances, and join Mr. Weber, our fabulous Assistant Principal, AND Trivia Emcee, for some World Culture Trivia between performance times! At the end of the evening turn in your passport card for a chance to win a fun family board game!