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Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

The safety of our students is paramount at Timber Ridge Elementary. Our goal is to provide a safe, efficient system of dropping off and picking up your children at TRES. The drive-through loop gets very busy during drop off and pick up. Please review this document carefully to learn how to keep the traffic flow moving to get students on and off school grounds in a timely and safe manner.
Please pack extra patience if you choose to drop off or pick up your child to keep everyone safe.

Below is a video explaining the Timber Ridge Parking Lot Procedures:

Drop Off/Pick Up Area Guidelines

  • For Drop Off and Pick Up, only use the area indicated in yellow on the map below. Picking up and dropping off in any other area is unsafe and creates more disruptions to the traffic flow.
  • No Parking is ever permitted in the drop off/pick up lane.
  • Drivers MUST remain in their vehicles at all times. If your child needs assistance getting in to or out of the car, please park in a designated parking space and walk your child to/from the school building.
  • Stay in the right lane and pull as far forward as possible. Do not stop in front of your child when picking up. Your child will be directed to your car.
  • The Left Lane is for traffic flow. Students cannot be loaded or unloaded in the left lane.
  • Students must enter and exit the vehicle on the passenger side only.
  • Students may not be dropped off until 9:00. Adult supervision is not available until 9:00am.
  • Once dropped off, students will go directly to their classrooms.

Words of Wisdom:

If you choose to pick up your child or children after school, there are some critical things to remember to keep your child and other children safe.

  • Keep in mind that dropping off children is a continuous flow.
  • Please be respectful of others.
  • Never leave your vehicle unattended. We have several staff members outside at pick-up time with radios. They are happy to help you. It is easiest to connect you with your child if you remain in one place.
  • Stay in the right lane for pick up, the left lane is for through traffic only.
  • Please be patient and wait until you get to the designated, staffed drop-off/pick-up zone. It is NOT okay to pass parked cars until you find an opening to pull in and pick up your child(ren).
  • Do the loop. Just like at the airport, if your child is not yet ready to load, we will ask that you continue to drive through and “do the loop” around the parking area. We will make sure that your child is kept safe until you come back around.
  • Never cut lanes in front of other vehicles to save time. We have had several “near misses” and some fender benders. This puts children loading and unloading vehicles at severe risk.
  • Do not attempt to call children over to your vehicle in the left lane. This is extremely dangerous and does not enable us to maximize student safety.
  • Avoid shortcuts to the process. The more we have people trying to come up with ideas to help make their own situation faster, the more backed up the process  becomes. An example is dropping kids off at the stairway in front of the school. This places kids at risk. Please never do this.

Please work with us! We welcome feedback. We love to hear praises and concerns as we continually strive to make Timber Ridge Elementary School the best place for kids. Your input is appreciated.

Make A Pick-Up Sign:

One way you can make pick up faster is by having a sign in your car that can be read by the staff helping to supervise pick-up. Please place the sign on the front dashboard so that it can be clearly read. Include:
Child’s First and Last Name
Teacher's Last Name
Grade Level

Arrival by Walking:

We love that so many of our students and families can walk together to school.

In order to keep everyone safe, please:

Do not walk down the main driveway near the line of cars waiting during drop-off and pick-up.

If you park in a designated parking space, please cross the parking lot at the manned crosswalk only.